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Social Cohesion, Participation and Inclusion
through Cultural Engagement

An EU-H2020 funded project dedicated to citizen curation of cultural heritage.

In SPICE, we aim to promote social cohesion by researching and developing tools and methods to support citizen curation with groups at risk of exclusion to actively interact and participate in a shared culture.

We define citizen curation as a process in which cultural objects are used as a resource by citizens to develop their own personal interpretations. Those interpretations are then shared and used within and across groups to reflect on similarities and differences in perspective, promoting tolerance and understanding.

Within groups, citizens can use their interpretations to build a representation of themselves and their shared perspective on culture. This development of a shared heritage can strengthen social ties within the group, thereby promoting social cohesion.

Co-design and Evaluation

User experience and service design evaluation of inclusive citizen curation tools and methods
to support participation, social cohesion and research

User experience and service design guidelines will be produced resulting from the work realized within the project. The guidelines are derived from evaluations of the developers’ work implemented throughout the project and will be further refined through use in the case studies. The case studies are initially described through the combined use of scenarios, user stories, and narratives emerging from the implementation of the methodologies defined within the scope of the project, such as for example artefact analysis, autoethnography and duoethnography.